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I’m constantly amazed by the wonderful mix of people that end up here at The Covenant Diet. Oftentimes someone is simply looking for a recipe and connects from Pinterest, read about the site when I was interviewed for The Atlantic, did a random google search for help with overeating, or heard about it when my mother told them (because I tell ya what… she’s still my biggest fan and most avid reader)!

Whatever brought you here, I’m really, truly glad that you came across this blog!

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I hope that you will be encouraged, challenged, and helped by what you read. You’ll see several options above in the menu area to help you learn more about me {Hi – my name is January!} and my journey from gluttonous to glorious! It is my prayer (and seriously, I’m not just saying this, I really am praying this) that you are blessed and freed from whatever it is that holds you back from the full potential that God intends for you!

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