Track Switch



Sometimes I wish you had put a switch in me. Like, a light switch or something. Or a reset button. A restart option. A breaker. Or one of those things they use on the railroad track- I actually think it’s called a switch, too- where it sifts the track to go in a new direction. Yeah. That kind of switch is what I need.

I knew all that Thomas the Train knowledge would come in handy someday!

That’s the switch I need because then YOU control it. As the “train driver”, I have no control over going straight or switching to the right or the left. The switch-man (YOU) decides the direction and the train has no choice but to follow.

Cause this morning I just want You to be able to just flip that track’s switch and send me down a different path.

But ya see, then I am reminded that the whole no-choice thing is not how You roll here. You want me to be free. You want me to have the choice to choose the path that will be a blessing to the most people. You don’t want me to feel oppressed and optionless. You want me to OWN my choices because life is so much more abundant when I get to take part in it.

But, God, it’s. so. flipping. difficult. sometimes.

It’s as if my mind is already on a switch but it’s not YOUR switch or even MINE! And when I try to guide my life down a better track, my mind (like, subconsciously) switches me BACK to my old self.

And well dang it. Even as I wrote that I know Your response. I need to train my mind and my body overtime to automatically switch back to what is “true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.” {Phil 4:8}

And I know that takes two things: practice and meditating on Your Word. It will take a concerted effort to retrain and renew my mind. And over time, hopefully, I will see that instead of my mind-switch defaulting to those things that I do NOT want to do… it will slowly begin to default to who You and I both want me to be… who we both know I can be.


photo credit: Choices via photopin (license)

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  1. Pam says

    Glad to see a new post :) Exactly right…we can’t do anything…seems sad, but we CAN’T do anything to help ourselves…only through the power of Christ! In the meantime, we can give it over to Him and continue to do good and renew our minds EVERY day.


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