Day 446: Easter… nbd.

Easter Basket 1


no big deal

{just in case you are like me and would have had to look that up}

I was seeing that on facebook a lot and had to look it up on google. And then I pretty much instantly fell in love with the term because it’s an ironic statement.

Just got married. nbd.
Just had my first born child. nbd.
Just met Nick Jonas. nbd. (You know who you are – haha)

And I’m a total sucker for a play on words. Maybe I should start a blog called “The Confessions of a Former English Teacher.”

No? You don’t think so? Yeah… me either!

Anyway, as Easter day as approached, I’ve been sorta “nbd” about it.

{gasps of shock heard round the world}

I know, right? Good Jesus-seeking Christian and, well aside from being excited about giving my kids their Easter baskets, I’m just not that… excited.

And it’s not because I’m into the commercial side of things so much that I’ve been blinded to the REAL meaning of Easter. I promise.

It’s because I celebrate Easter all. year. long.

Every few days is like Easter to me… when I am so keenly reminded of my sin and how He died for me and freed me from it. when I am brought face to face with power and strength given me by the Holy Spirit. when I experience joy and peace and comfort from His Spirit.

It’s… Easter.

So I guess it’s okay that I’m nbd about Easter today, cause honey… this girl rejoices in Her Savior’s Resurrection every day.

{And yes, I had to give y’all some Easter basket love here… these are my boys’ Easter baskets… such fun!}

Easter Basket 2

Day Seventy-Two: Voluntary Amnesia

And yet again, I was inspired by something that my pastor said in church on Sunday. I was looking through the verses that he shared in his sermon series American Jesus, and here was one of them…

For while I was with you, I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and his death on the cross.
1 Corinthians 2:2

It ties in a bit with what I was discussing yesterday… about my mind starting to transcend out of the pit of food addictions into thinking about Jesus Christ. And I think that this is almost like a goal verse for me… I want to forget everything except Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. I want that to almost be a watermark in my vision of the way I view the world… I want Him, His Death, and His coming back to Life being at the forefront of my mind all. the. time.

And ya know, when you think about things in that light, a chocolateless life is… no biggie. It’s forgotten. A pastaless life… who cares?

Because I am making up my mind right now to forget everything except Jesus and His death.

(And that’s why this post is so short… I have forgotten everything else. Haha! Just kidding. But it is short because that verse is so succinct and I just didn’t have anything else to add!)