Day 624: New Covenant

I will give you back your health

I’ve heard the New Testament referred to as “The New Covenant” before… I guess since Christ started a new covenant. (Read this part of Hebrews 8:6-13 and Luke 22:20)

And I’m sorta… re-thinking what The Covenant Diet really means. Ya know, it started out as a year-long covenant just to eat what was basically a Daniel Fast/Daniel Plan (vegetarian, low grains and dairy, and no sugar). And in summary, if you are just joining me, I lost a bunch of weight, felt extremely free from food, was bolstered spiritually, and felt that God really could do miracles.

And I felt that God had really done a miracle in me.

Then. The end of my covenant year came and I decided to start to slowly reintroduce sugar into my diet. I realized very quickly that I had a very “all or nothing” attitude with sugar (which shouldn’t have been a shocker, I’ve been that way for yearrrrrrs). After months of struggling and fighting food and fighting overeating and fighting sugar, sugar, sugar… I have come to a new spot of covenanting with God.

It’s my “new covenant”.

And it’s not necessarily about a commitment to eat/not eat particular foods, but a commitment to Him to always pursue health. Even through the struggles and beyond the triumphs. Whereas before I started The Covenant Diet, I really had given up and I certainly didn’t associate my food issues as anything that was in any way related to God.

But, if anything, that one year of freedom has completely changed me… because now I KNOW the freedom and can’t go back to slavery again. So, I stay determined and confident that God will take me through this.

And I say that to you too. God will take you through this.

God will give you back your health. Jeremiah 30:17