Jesus Wept.

I flipped open tonight to do a little reading and it went straight to John 11:35.

Jesus Wept

Why would it go straight to that?

Oh well, who cares… I loved seeing it, cause ya know, it reminds me that Jesus was human and all that, and that’s ya know… like… important.

Then I started to think a bit (that happens occasionally at night when I don’t have a kid’s voice on repeat in my mind MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM… … … MOM) and I remembered that he was weeping because of his boy Lazarus being dead. But then I was all like “Wait. If He knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead… if He knew He was capable of bringing someone back to life… then why on earth was Jesus crying?” Seriously… I had to really sit and think on that for a while. And, plot spoiler, I never figured it out. (I’m sure there’s about 8 zillion theories on that if you want to look.)

What did grab me all of a sudden was the connection to me… if I know that God is capable of healing me, if I know that God is willing to help me do things that seem utterly impossible, if I know that God wants me to be free of this tomb of fear and worry and entrapment that I find myself in… then WHY. AM. I. CRYING. !?!? I guess cause I’m human… just like Jesus was. But maybe it’s time to get up and get angry and roll that big ol’ boulder aside and tap into the miraculous awesomeness of God. Maybe it’s time to stop weeping. Maybe it’s time to take action.

Maybe it’s time to believe.

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