Deserving Desserts

I probably don’t need to get into too much depth about my… issues… with sugar. Over the past couple of years I’ve made it pretty clear that I find the stuff just straight up irresistible. And I’ve analyzed it six ways to Sunday… sugar is (literally) addicting, sugar is an emotional filler, sugar is a way to comfort, sugar is evil and should be entirely banished, sugar is… sugar is… sugar is.

And let me just take a pause to remind us of what God is…

And He is enough.

Buuuuuuuut more than likely you are here, like me, because you know God is all of those things. You know He is enough but still… the dadgum sugar.

So after the past several years of covenanting entirely OFF of sugar and then going back and forth WITH sugar to finally trying to find PEACE and BALANCE with sugar. And that’s what I’m trying now.

I’m allowing myself dessert. In fact, I’m mandating dessert.

Wait, what?!?!

Well, it comes from three sources.

1) My friend Laurie who is skinny and not a binge eater feeds her family dessert at night.
2) My friend Cassie who struggles the same as me said that the hardest part of the day was at night when the kids are in bed she just wants a sugar-somethin.
3) My friend Addy who I work with now (oh yeah, by the way, I went back to teaching three weeks ago) and I decided we needed some kind of fast and are doing a Daniel Plan type thing together.

So here was my thinking. I want to eat healthy and I like eating Daniel Plan style, but I’m like Cassie and I was a sugar-somethin every day, and well, if it works for Laurie’s family then surely it’s a good idea cause she’s totally balanced.

So, I figured the best way to do this is to have a nice, average sized portion of dessert right after dinner and then that way the rest of the night when I “want” some sugar I can say “You had some. You have not been denied. You already had a yummy dessert and you’ll get some more tomorrow.”

I dunno. It might just worked. It worked last night.

And so I hope that by finding balance with desserts, my gaze can more easily stay focused on Him who is enough, who is truly sweet, who is my love.

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