Day Eight: Imma Be

Before we get started, my title is from a Black Eyed Peas song called Imma Be which translated into real English is “I’m Gonna Be”.

Now, down to business. Week one is over. I stuck with my covenant. I lost 5 pounds. And now I’m starting to feel that excitement… that hope of being skinny. Pretty. Sexy.

Yeah. I said it. Sexy. Cause deep in my heart I want to be sexy. It’s left over from years in junior high and high school where I wasn’t sexy and all the “cool” girls were. I know that now I don’t really want to be sexy but it’s still left in there.
And now a little January history: I lost about 40 pounds between my Freshmen and Sophomore years of college doing the Atkins diet. Only diet that has ever worked for me (probably because sugar becomes the enemy… sugar IS my enemy). Anyway, I immediately went into junior high girl mode trying to catch up on all those boys I had missed out on annnnnnd dressing on the edge of inappropriate.

Now, everyone ignored that in a college girl, but in a 33 year old mom of two boys. Nope- that would not go ignored. Nor do I want to be that girl anymore.

So, I have to decide who “Imma Be”. And so I’m gonna be stalking ladies at church trying to “choose” my look. I’m not going to shop where teens shop. Imma be a lady. Imma be classy. Imma be a woman that would make my Covenant God proud.

Imma be.

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  1. says

    Oh I love this…I have too many momma friends who still shop in the juniors section “because it fits.” Hello???? It’s called “juniors” for a reason! I think after I finish my grandmother’s recipes (umm…a little bit of sugar and butter there :-) ) I would be very interested in trying this convenant diet!

    • januaryrowe says

      Girllllll… I know. I’ll tell you why I want to shop in the juniors section so badly… IT’S SO DERN CHEAP! I can get a pair of pants for like $4! Haha… but I just have to be sooooo careful that they are a pair of pants that aren’t that cheap because they will sit at the *bottom* of my hips instead of *on* my hips! I stalked your blog the other day… what a fun idea! This covenant has been amazing for me and I still have a ways to go, but I’m excited about that cause it means that I have so much more freedom yet to experience!


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