Day 842: Nothing Has Changed


My name is January.

I’m the author of this blog.

Maybe we haven’t met yet… or maybe you thought that I dropped off the face of the planet… or maybe you just asked my mom when she met up with you on business in Minnesota what had happened to me (by the way, that was a major driving factor to get me back to the blog)…

…and all because I haven’t blogged on here since March 14th! Eek!

I wish that I had some great, awesome explanation… but really… I just needed a break! Haha! I went through the most severe case of writers block on the planet and then I started a facebook/twitter fast for Lent and well… it was just so easy to not even get on my computer… and, and, and…


There ya go.

So, now I’m back from my entirely unannounced sabbatical from writing.

Know what’s sad? Pretty much nothing has changed in this journey over the past month and a half.


Oh, I did deperately try a diet with my husband called “Slow Carb Diet”. Abysmal failure. Annnnnnnd I started taking Plexus about two weeks ago… so far it’s not looking good.

But you know what is AWESOME?!?! God hasn’t changed either.

He still loves and adores me. He still draws me close to Him. He still speaks to me through His Word. He still longs for me to be a blessing to the world.



Sure, I wanted to have disappeared for a month and a half and then reappear and be all like “Oh my gosh, I’ve lost twenty pounds and I feel great!” but in the long run (and by, long run… I mean, like the eternal-kind-of-long-run) I’m ecstatic to be able to reappear and be able to say that it is well with my soul.

And dear friends… it is. It is well with my soul. HE makes it well. And He can make you well, too.


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