Day 785: Sometimes I Just Want To Punch God In The Face


Sometimes I just want to punch God in the face.

I know… major sacrilege there.

But be honest… you’ve been there. There have been times that if God were a physical dude sitting across from you and He said something like, oh, I dunno… “Hey, you should thank me for you being overweight.”

You’d probably punch Him in the face.

Well, that’s pretty much what happened this morning. I was reading my Jesus Calling devotional and that’s essentially what is was about. {And yes, I know that Jesus Calling isn’t God Himself talking to me, but I also know that God does talk through authors like Sarah Young} Check out this little chunk:

“The best way to befriend your problems is to thank Me for them. This simple act opens your mind to the possibility of benefits flowing from your difficulties.”

I mean… seriously. It’s so accurate.

I hate that it’s accurate, but it is so true.

So, today as I felt myself slipping down into a pit of despair as I attempted to find something semi-cute that fit me because my group of bible study ladies was going to lunch (without our kids!), I said…

Thank you God for making me overweight.

Yeah, weirdest prayer ever.

But I am gonna tell you… as soon as I said thank you, I started thinking, “Why? Why be thankful for this???” And I actually came up with a few reasons. So, give it a go. Tell God thank you for whatever issue it is that you are dealing with and just see where it takes you.

I have a feeling, if you go at it with the right heart, you probably won’t want to punch Him in the face anymore.

At least not today. {Hehe}

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  1. Sarai says

    I actually DON’T like your title January it literally made my heart sink. I think we have to be like Paul and in everything give thanks to The Lord. Wanting to punch him in the face?? Really?? That is like blaming Him for giving us an abundance of blessings and getting mad at Him because He did it. I am usually right there with you on your post but not this one.

    • says

      I am so sorry that I ended up conveying that! I’d love to clarify my thinking a bit (it may STILL not come across, but I’m gonna give it a go!) Sometimes I am so frustrated at God when I look at my struggles at just face value. When there are really, really hard times in my life I’m even downright MAD at Him. (I have a friend who says “It’s okay to be mad at God. He is big enough to handle your anger.”) What I’m trying to say in this post is that often times I just look at stuff in my life that appears to be “bad” or “worthless” or a “curse” and my instinct is to get angry… BUT if I do step back, and say thank you for EVERYTHING, just like you mentioned, then I start to see that even those things in my life that are bad at face value suddenly appear to me as a blessing. But I have to often retrain myself from following my instinct if being mad (represented here by “punch him in the face”) into instead responding to trials with a “thank you”. So glad you said something- always, always feel free to call me out!!!

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