Day 759: A Prayer



I feel this struggle with food pulling me… toward some epiphany about You, your power, your plan.

But, honestly, this whole experience hurts and I’m tired. I just want to give up and try a bunch of short cuts to just lose weight. I just want to be skinny, fit into my clothes, and never worry about food or fight with food or lust for food.

So I come to You.

Oh God- Refresh me. Renew me. Give me a fresh and new purpose and passion to care for this body you’ve given me. Help me remember that it is an honor to You when I honor my body.

And please God, give me wisdom. Whisper in my ear what to do, which way to go. Guide me to information that will help me overcome. Light it up in my heart so that I might become determined and disciplined once more.

I know that You always have great, amazing and sometimes shocking plans and I know that I often don’t see the entirety of your plan. Help me to walk in faith and know that even through this struggle you are working a miracle of faith in my heart, that you are laying a path for a future prosperity in my soul, that you are doing something purposeful.

God, I love you. I trust you. I believe you.

I will wait.

Give me patience to wait on You and Your plan.



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  1. Monica says

    This is the prayer I have longed for…..because this has been my feelings and thoughts for years. Thanks for sharing and the encouragement.

    • says

      I think there are so many of us that secretly pray this prayer in our hearts. I know I’ve said so many of those things to Him before and I’m sure I’ll have to pray this prayer again! And this morning I even had to remind myself that it was about being honest with Him… that He wouldn’t condemn me for telling Him how I felt. And thankfully, it truly made me feel better too!

  2. says

    LOVE this prayer. Have added it to my daily repertoire. In fact with a few switchings of the words, it will help in many areas I am lacking and striving to do better. Again, thanks for your blog and honesty!


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