Day 751: I’m A User, Baby

I’m on day four of my 7 Fast, and I just have to confess that I am really, oddly enough, enjoying it. It’s so… simple. There’s not a lot to think about in regards to food.  So, as I looked at my list I thought about Jen Hatmaker‘s thoughts in the book, 7, as she embarked upon only eating 7 foods for a month. She just went on and on about food.

I mean, she didn’t really veil it.

Jen Hatmaker loves food.

I said to myself, “Yeah. I love food too.”

But then I really thought about it: No. Actually, I don’t ‘love’ food. I mean, I enjoy it but I don’t like cooking. I enjoy going out to eat, but it’s not like a “have to”. I could eat Chick-fil-a every day of the week for every meal and not get bored. Peanut butter and jelly for lunch every single flipping day? No prob here. Now, chocolate, I really do love a good, decadent piece of chocolate. But food… it’s whatev.

So why in the heck do I eat so much of it?!?!?

Because. I don’t love food.

I use food.

The Covenant Diet - I'm A User, Baby

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I use it to nourish myself, sure. But I use it for a gazillion different reasons too.

I use food to comfort myself.
I use food to procrastinate doing chores.
I use food to give myself a treat.
I use food to make me feel better when I’m sick.
I use food when I’m bored.
I use food to help me forget.
I use food to escape.
I use food.

And I am reminded that this is the entire goal of this journey. Not to lose weight. Not to be healthy. The goal of this journey is to switch from using food for all of those things and to start using God instead.

God, when I open my life like a book, I see all the areas where there are small holes designed to perfectly fit you inside. But I see that I have filled those empty spots with food. And it’s so ingrained in my daily way of life that I’m having difficulty throwing out the food and replacing it with You. Help me, God. Help me to throw all of my energy into focusing on You. into using You to fill the emptiness inside of me. You are the only one that can and You are the only one that I want to. Amen.

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    I really enjoy your blog and your sense of humor! I never thought about it this way and you are right, I don’t really love food…I love gatherings with wonderful people and fun times that include food and in those moments food is amazing because of the “environment”…so why then to I constantly eat when I am not hungry or why can’t I stop after 1 bite and why am I so obsessed with food? I pray to God every day, but when the peanut butter is in front of me, I some how conveniently manage to ignore Him. Thanks again for your thoughts..I am waiting for this book from the library. I am 30 on the list so it may be a while before I am able to join you on this journey and not sure I will be able to do it…But will enjoy hearing about your journey until mine arrives. Have a blessed day!

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      Oh wow – that is EXACTLY what I do too… “ignore God”. Ugh. I hate to even WRITE that but it is so true. I hear His still voice in my mind but I ignore Him. Gonna be praying that we are more receptive to His Voice. To remember that His Voice is not one of condemnation or denial but a Voice that is trying to help me live life more abundantly! Thanks for sharing!

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