Day 661: The Day After Halloween


This one is a doozy.

I mean… the stuff is

In your kids bags. In the basket leftover from your handouts for last night. In the ziploc bag your grandparents saved for your kids. In the 75% off cupcakes at the grocery.


And guess what?

I’m not phased by it! Finalllllllllly! Because I’ve finally given in and covenanted with God to not eat sugar again for the rest of my life!

And I’m gonna be honest with ya right now. I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a little bitty part of me that wasn’t a little sad about giving it up forever. It’s the same part of me that says “You’re going to miss out… you’re going to miss out on Halloween. and Thanksgiving. and Christmas. and Valentines. and Easter. and your birthday. You’re going to miss out and you’re going to be sad and depressed and different and alone and and and…”

And then Covenant-Me says to Sugar-Eating-Me, “NO. You. Shut. Your. Mouth. Because I was sad and depressed and different and alone when I WAS having candy and cakes and ice creams all those times. I’m not going to let you lie to me anymore. I’m not missing out.

Plus, look at this. I celebrated a NO CANDY Halloween last night and had a BLAST!”

Halloween Outfit

Then I look at the candy and Covenant-Me is all like “Pish. Who needs you?”

And I walk away.

And eat… a clementine or something, like, way awesomer than a Snickers.


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  1. Sarai says

    I am new to following your blog. What was your start weight and where are you now? I had a change in the way my body actually feels. I never went through that before. I actually FEEL heavy!!

    • says

      Well then hey there! I started out as a size 16 and am now a size 10 (got down to an 8, fluctuated back up to a 10 and am on my way back down again)! I weighed at the beginning at about 205 and then I had to stop weighing because it was becoming an obsession with me and I was finding my worth and identity in how much I weighed. It’s a journey to be sure, and I hope that you and I can both help and encourage each other!!!

    • Sarai says

      That is pretty cool. I am in between 16 and 14 I think my ideal would be a size 8. I pray to really get into the word and the Lord will help me to reach that goal!

      • says

        Awesome! Ya know, I think that has been one of the most rewarding things for me… how God has drawn me closer to Him and how much I have learned about Him through this process. It’s actually meant more to me than any weight loss. I pray too that God will use the Word to guide you closer to Him and toward your goal!

  2. says

    Couple of things. Or, maybe a few… 1. I love the new page. The look is clean and free and bright and makes me think it’s probably just like you. :) 2. Confession: I ate the milk duds from my son’s bag. And maybe some m&m cookies. And a tootsie roll. And I totes choked on the last milk dud and was all, guess that’s what I get. Thanks, Karma. 3. My son went crazy after getting into the candy the next morning before I got up, which made the “consequence” of throwing it all in the trash a pretty easy way out. (I wasn’t gonna let him have it all anyway. I know, I know. I’m just a mean mommy, I guess.) 4. I’m proud of you and wanted to give you an attagirl! 5. Clarification: So when you say you’re giving up sugar, are you including all kinds and types of sweeteners, including more natural, less refined versions like agave or raw sugar or sucanat or maple syrup? Just curious how far you’re actually going with this or if you are mainly giving up white sugar and the junk in processed foods. 6. If you haven’t yet, you really should check out the book Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss. It’s a fascinating look at the food industry and how they are literally entangling us with the combo of SSF that they put into processed foods. It’s quite maddening and eye opening, really. And it may shed some light as to why sugar has such a stronghold on you. It’s not all you and your brain and your willingness or ability to eat or not eat it. It’s a chemical response that your body has to the combo. In other words, it’s not all your fault. :) That’s it. Have a blessed day!

    • says

      1. Yay! I’m still tweaking it as I learn little code and how to use plugins, but I feel good about it! Thanks! 2. Bahahaha! Love the “karma” comment! 3. Brilliant! Now it’s all gone! We have to strategically scatter ours out throughout the year. In fact, I threw away the last of LAST YEAR’S HALLOWEEN candy on October 30th when I emptied their pumpkin. 4. Thanks!!! :) 5. Not giving up artificial stuff, but I really don’t use a lot of it anyway (I don’t think). I will keep honey for use in granola bars and in tea. But honey and sugar are, oddly enough, two different things for me mentally. If it becomes an “issue” then I’ll kick it to the curb, but it wasn’t an issue ever before. 6. Totalllllllllllly interested in that! Yeah, seriously… did you see that article about the Canadians that did that research and it showed that sugar is as OR MORE addictive than cocaine?!?!?! That was a MAJOR factor in pushing me over the edge toward SugarFREE. BONUS #7. That little SugarFREE is a teaser for one of my posts next week. Get it… play on words? Sugarfree and FREE from sugar!?!? Eh? ;)

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