Day 653: Just Like Jonah

Lately I’ve been continuing to think about what can I do to help me get back on track. Well, to get back on track faster. I know that I’m on the right track of fighting back against my issues with food, but admittedly, I just want to be over it… faster.

So I tend to want to go back to how I did things at the beginning: by fasting for a few weeks. But then my brain is all like “No, you need a total 100% lifestyle change!” but, honestly, I am so daunted by that. The rest of my life… to commit to eating healthy without sugar for the rest of my life!?!?! It’s such a HUGE commitment. So instead, I just avoid it. I eat MORE junk than I would have normally. Cause… yeah, like that’s gonna help.

I’m afraid of making a huge commitment of “sacrifice” so what do I do? I run from it.

Like Jonah.

And just like God caused Jonah to get DUMPED into the sea to put him back on course, so will God do the same to me. So maybe it’s time to say, “God. I’m the one. I’m causing this ship to toss about in this terrible storm. I give up. Send me back to the path.”

So, I say that to Him now.

Say it with me if you are struggling (in any area):

God, put me back on Your path.

Allow me, as Jonah did, to see your undeserved grace and mercy.

I ask that, as with Jonah, your grace and mercy would fall on me and on those who hear my story and hear your offer of mercy.

Your way.

Your path.

Your message.

is life.

Help me, God. Help me to choose your true life.

 jonah belly of the whale

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    When my husband and I first adopted a plant-based diet, we were really strict about it. We avoided not only meat and dairy, but all oil, sugar and processed foods. It was really hard, actually I think it was impossible because we continued to cheat anyway. And when we cheated, they were “big cheats” like running to the grocery store to get Ben & Jerry’s. I wasn’t sure how to deal with our cheating, but I had to do something. I decided to try allowing us to have a few cheat treats each week as something to look forward to. This has really helped. Now we have a few “scheduled” treats each week and are strict the rest of the time. It’s made eating plant-based more doable for us, and I still feel like we’re getting the bennies because we “mostly” eat plant-based. I don’t know if this is something that you’d consider doing, but I just thought I’d share. Hope you’re having a fab weekend!! Celeste :)


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