Day 637: Kitchen Work Out


I used to always say, “If I didn’t have to work, then I could lose weight and be skinny.”

And, like I said in My Story, I got my wish… sorta. I got to be a stay-at-home mom three years ago. Only to discover that it was about 8,000 times MORE difficult to lose weight in that environment.

I mean, a big chunk of my day revolves around food now: make everyone’s breakfast, make bagged lunches, preschooler’s mid morning snack, my lunch, my husband’s lunch, plan and prep dinner, afternoon snack for the kids, cook dinner, feed dinner, dessert time, plan more meals, grocery shop, etc, etc, etc.

PLUS, my “office” as a stay-at-home mom is, essentially, in the kitchen (we have one of those houses where the living room is the same room as the kitchen… a blessing and a curse.)

I just never escape food.

But… the more that I seek Him through this process,  the more I am glad that is the case. Cause I want to WORK OUT this issue. And you know what they say: practice makes perfect.

And I’m just getting in A LOT of practice.

But ya know, if a big focus of mine was to become physically strong and buff, then it would be awesome to live IN a gym because I could work out every spare second.

Well, I do live in “the gym” for this mental and emotional workout. Because I am around food all day every day, I get way more practice than I would away at work. So, even though (like on Day 623: Perfectly Prepared) I may FEEL like His work is slow… it could be that by working on this right now while I’m around food all the time, He’s chosen a time of my life during which I could learn faster.

Like, maybe this track of becoming free from food will only take a few years whereas I might have never come across the entire realization that is The Covenant Diet had I been working or it might have taken me ten years for it to click instead of just two or three.

What it boils down to people, and I know I keep saying this over and over again… is that we just have to trust that His timing is working out. Even if it seems like you have no progress… keep it up because it WILL come. Even if it seems as if you are in the MOST difficult situation to deal with your food issues (or whatever it is that is weighing your soul down)… it could be a blessing that you are getting to confront it head on instead of the pain of it lingering for years and years.

Let’s trust the slow (or fast) work of God.

He’s got this!

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