Day 603: Hope Does Not Wear Feathers

emily dickinson hope is a thing with feathers

My friend Jennifer has told me time and time again over these past few months to “not beat myself up” whenever I’d make a mistake, or get beat down, or lose hope.

Honestly… I was always thinking, like, “What do you MEAN not beat myself up? How can I NOT beat myself up? I’m totally messing up, screwing up, ruining everything! It’s all going downhill… of COURSE, I’m going to beat myself up!”

And yes, that’s a lot of capitals… I save them for when I really need them.

But that’s how I was thinking.

No hope.

But just focusing on freedom yesterday, and then on hope today on facebook and twitter… well, it’s awesome how it has already begun to infuse… yep, hope into my every moment.

I found myself saying earlier today, “Wow… I’m, like… happy today!” But then the more that I thought about it I realized, “No, I’m hopeful. Things seem to be looking up… I can feel a change, a bright future, something new!” And it was just because of that changing my attitude from that of focusing on my sin and my failures to instead focusing on my freedom and my hope.

Because He IS my hope.

He is OUR hope!

And although my fav, Emily Dickinson, wrote a cool poem about hope (Hope is a thing with feathers)… when we find our hope in God, hope ISN’T just a thing with feathers. Hope is real. Hope is something you can take to the bank. Because our hope in Him… well, it’s got His Promise for freedom attached to it!

I would like to encourage you to be friends with me on facebook or on twitter… because I’m just trying to refocus us all toward freedom and hope… and who knows what it’ll be tomorrow, but I’m hopeful (hehe) that it’ll be just as uplifting and it’ll keep drawing us to Christ!

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