Day 602: Free To Be Free


if the son sets you free


I wrote a bunch of facebook posts and tweets about our freedom in Christ today.

I wrote them for you guys.

But gosh, they blessed me.

Cause I don’t know how many times I started to take a bite of something that was not AS good for me… only to stop because I was free to NOT do that. I could remember over and over again that I have been FREED from sin. I have been FREED from fear. I have been FREED from slavery to food.

It’s just nice to say something positive to yourself every once in a while when it comes to food.

You are free to have a handful of chocolate chips January, or you are free to have a handful of grapes. Really… it IS up to you. No one else is in control of your choice. God has given you the freedom to choose.

Gosh… there is just something powerful in what He has done for us. By letting me go to make my own choices, when I really, REALLY focused on my freedom to choose… well, it led me to chose what I really, truly wanted… Him.

To honor Him. To love Him. To glorify Him.

Sure is good to be free.


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