Day 501: The Chosen

How about a few reminders first of the past five days of the 30 Day Infusion?

Day 1: I am made for more!
Day 2: I am royalty!
Day 3: I am new!
Day 4: I am cherished!
Day 5: I am strong!

POSITIVITY: I am chosen.

I didn’t choose Jesus… Jesus chose me. He appointed me to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give me whatever I ask for, using the name of Jesus. John 15:16

Ya know, my husband liked me first.

It’s true.

He might not tell it that way, but it IS true. I was dating someone else and my husband started to pursue me before I even thought about a relationship beyond friendship with him. And I had done my fair share of… chasing… boys in my lifetime because despite how AWESOME I was they were just not interested in me. Mom always told me it was because they were intimidated by my awesomeness. So honestly, it was so nice to be sought out. pursued. desired. chosen.

Yeah… chosen. And Jesus has also chosen me. But for two reasons… He chose me simply to be with Him and glorify Him, but also He chose me, like it says above, to “go and produce lasting fruit”. I have a calling… a purpose… a point in being here. And He has chosen me to give strength, He has chosen me to cherish, He has chosen to make me new so that I can produce LASTING fruit, He has chosen me to be royalty and to act like it, and He has chosen me for MORE than just a plain ol life here on Earth!

I am chosen!


God… You are good to me and you bring me hope and promise and love and fulfillment. With You I can do all these things that I thought were impossible.

Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your plan, and thank you for giving me skills and power. Thank you for making me all that I am and all that I can be and all that you are going to make me. I love focusing on these cool things that you have put in me: strength, love, newness, regality, worth. Help me to focus on those things throughout the bumps of my day. Remind me especially today that I am chosen to live a life that will still have worth for eternity.

Love you so much God! Thank you for my life today.


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