Day 369: Will Pray For Food


Sitting down at the table the other day for lunch with my toddler, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness… for the food we were about to eat, for being able to be at home with him, for having a child… no, for having two children… a husband, and so I looked at my toddler and said, “Do you want to pray to God?” He answered, “Pinekenapple.” Which I think was code for… “No, I want to eat this pineapple.”

So, I went ahead and said a prayer to God for our lunch and for our day.

And then I ate. And it was good. And I appreciated it in a different sort of way. In a way that was more connected to God.

I thought- I wonder how my life would be different if every time I ate food, I prayed to God…

In thankfulness for the abundance in my life, for the varied choices I have, for the clean water and pre-rinsed food.

In acknowledgement that God is one that provides for me.

In confirmation that what I am about to eat will bring him honor and glory.

In request that He might make my mind align with His Desires… that I would want to eat only what is sufficient so that I can take care of this temple that He has entrusted to me.

And this just seemed like such a great idea!

Annnnnnnnnnd then I tried to implement it. Yeah, it was last Thursday that I had this moment and it is now Sunday morning. I have prayed on my own over only one thing (I’m not counting family prayers at dinner because I’m not really “in charge” of those). In fact, just a moment ago while writing this very post, I snagged a banana off of the pile and hoovered it (even though I ate my weight in shrimp and grits last night, I’m still terribly hungry) without praying about it.

If anything, it makes me realize that I am not so much in tune with where this food comes from. Probably because I don’t have to grow any of it (which is probably a good thing… I’m terrrrrrrible at gardening/farming). But regardless of why I am not in tune, I’m just not in tune. It’s like I need to have signs everywhere there is food for a few days to make me stop and REMEMBER that God is my provider. to REMEMBER that I eat to sustain my life. to REMEMBER that I eat and live to bring Him honor and glory. to REMEMBER that this body is a temple.

So, maybe I will do that for a few days… put signs on everything.

Ha – I just put a sign on the pantry and then realized my tea was finished steeping, so I went and prepped it and took a big ol swig and THEN remembered… oh yeah, I’m supposed to pray.

God. Thank you for my tea. Thank you for making it. Thank you for this small luxury that I never even associate with you. Thank you for the man or woman that cultivated these tea leaves. I pray that they might know You, hear about you, and live in the blessing of Your Companionship. Help me to drink it in a way that would bring you honor and glory. You are my provision. Amen.

This is gonna take A LOT of retraining. But… it’s the kind of retraining I’m in for!

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    • januaryrowe says

      So glad! Ya know, I had this horrid dream and woke up totallllly awake at 5:00am and so that gave me about thirty extra minutes to write this. Even bad dreams can serve a purpose for the Kingdom I guess! Have a blessed Sunday my friend!

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