Day 266: Blessed Birthday


I guess I had hoped to have something really insightful for my birthday post (I’m 34 today), but it was just such an idyllic day that I’m not sure that there is anything really deep and spiritual to write about.

But maybe that in an of itself is a blessing.

I mean… it was a wonderful day… without birthday cake.

Yep. That’s right. No birthday cake. Oh, I mean, we had a little birthday cake for my sons (thanks to a friend-family who sent some mini bundt cakes for my fam and some sushi for me!) and so we got to celebrate by having them sing with me and blow out candles. My sweet hubby bought a bunch of fruit for my dessert, but we never made it to that point.

And it just… didn’t matter.

I had an awe.some. day.

A chai tea from Starbucks courtesy of my sweet hubby.

My hubs took our 5-year-old to preschool for me.

Lunch with a couple of my bestie friends.

Got to pick up my 5-year-old from preschool and come home to do some prep for my family birthday party.

My husband made grilled shrimp and grits and roasted veggies with a crab dip appetizer. (And he did all the work!)

And then I got some neat gifts and cards and birthday spending money (holla!).

A fun little candle blowing out with my precious sons.

And then to top it all off my husband did all. the. dishes.

I’m sorry… just allow me to repeat that.

My husband did all. the. dishes.

And, the perk of Facebook… I had something like 200+ “Happy Birthday” posts.

Seriously… who needs a birthday cake with all of that blessing?

Not this girl. Not this year.


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