Day 221: Shop It To Me

Day 18 of my hard-core Daniel Fast.

So, I’ll admit that shopping is way more fun now that my body is a little different. I just enjoy putting on clothes that fit nicely and don’t go all baggy in the wrong places or fit too large in the right places. It’s easier, too. I used to have to try on 53 tops before finding one that works.

But at the same time, shopping has gotten much harder. For two reasons.

One. I feel like I have gotten closer to God in an unexpected way… in a way that is learning to struggle less with my exterior self. It is another journey that I am just beginning… being free from the world’s impressions of me, but it is a journey I have needed to take my whole life… just as long as I have needed to do this covenant to be free from food. And well, feeling the need to buy a certain outfit of a certain brand of a certain tightness of a certain cut… well, I’m learning that I want to be as free from that as I have learned to be from food. I attribute this quite a bit to another covenant companion of mine whom I have mentioned covenanted from buying any new clothes this year. So, all of those thoughts run through my mind as I am looking at clothes.

Two. A less “spiritual” reason, but my husband recently resigned from his job as a school teacher because he has the opportunity to pursue, full time, the manufacturing and distribution of his product Chord Dice… it is a set of dice for guitar players that helps them to write new songs, learn chords, and for guitar teachers to use to teach their students theory. Allow me to gush my pride in my husband for a moment. I am so proud of him for following God’s leading throughout this process. He has said time and time again that it is God who goes before him. And he shamelessly put the inspiration verse on the instructions: Psalm 33:3… “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.”

Well, all of that wonderful ooshie-gushie stuff to say that right now we are having to be extremely tight on the ol’ budget. He just got his last paycheck from school and so we’ll have to rely solely upon his income as a part-time guitar teacher to sustain us (by the way, if you are in the McKinney area, he is great! This means noooooooo extras for while. I’m totally okay with it but it sorta forces me into the no-buy mode.

Soooooooo, ALL of that to say that yesterday, when I went to drop off some clothes to sell at Clothes Mentor, I felt I had some extra time so I slipped in next door to belk’s and just… tried on clothes. For just the fun part. I tried on the clothes that I never look at because they are so expensive. I didn’t even go to the clearance rack. Only like four pieces, but it was fun! It was almost extra fun because I knew I wasn’t gonna buy anything! Ha! I used to do this in college with my friends… we’d go to the mall and just try on prom dresses for the heck of it!


And then it was extra fun because I took some pics… who needs to buy clothes when you can have a pic of yourself wearing them for free?!?!? Ha!

Anyway, I’m not sure if this really has any spiritual significance but it was just too fun to not share!

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