Day 195: For The Boys

Admittedly, I probably direct most of my posts at women. It’s not necessarily on purpose, but it’s just because I am… a woman.. and it’s all I understand (and well, more often than not, I don’t even truly understand the mind of women either)! But lately two things have brought on some thoughts about men and dieting/covenanting.

  1. My friend Alice works in an environment of almost all men. When she started out on a non-sugar covenant, they were not exactly what we would call… supportive. She described it more as… mocking. So, as a result, she felt the need to be secretive about it. And understandably so!
  2. My husband has been on an on-again, off-again sorta-covenant. He wanted to lose weight and so he decided to knock out sugar, meat, and as much bread as possible. So, at the beginning of June he started a semi-covenant. I call it a semi-covenant because he has had meat and/or sugar five or six times since then.

So, here are my thoughts…

  1. Why do men mock diets? Why are they ashamed to go on a diet?
  2. Why wouldn’t my husband want to commit fully to a covenant?

And honestly, the more I think on it, the more I come to the conclusion that it’s the same answers for why a woman might mock or be ashamed and why a woman wouldn’t want to commit… it all boils down to control and fear.

I mocked diets before because I was so insecure because they wouldn’t work for me. If I mocked skinny girls, buff guys, and their diets… well, then I was controlling the situation by drawing attention away from myself, so that what I feared (being mocked myself) would be less likely to happen… at least that’s how my subconscious worked.

And the same goes for not wanting to commit… people want to control their environment and when you fully commit to a covenant, then some issues are no longer in your control: what to eat at a party or a restaurant? what to eat when a craving hits? what to do when you are hungry buy only have immediate access to non-covenant food? People, myself included, don’t like non-controllable moments.

Additionally, (haha… this sounds like one of my papers from college… sorry for the lame-o writing) I think people won’t commit to a covenant because of a possible failure. To fail God?!?!?! Eek… it’s sooooooo much worse than to fail yourself. And herein lies my biggest word of encouragement:

You have already failed God.

Really encouraging, eh? Haha! But you see, you can now release yourself from the need to control it all… for as Solomon writes about a gazillion times in Ecclesiastes… it is all meaningless! You can release yourself from the fear because your salvation is not because of stuff you do! or stuff you don’t do! It is based solely and entirely on “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.Romans 10:9

And so once you realize that it is not about waiting until hitting rock bottom but that you are already at rock bottom and you have been at rock bottom since the first time you sinned (because “the person who keeps all of the laws except one is as guilty as a person who has broken all of God’s lawsJames 2:10) then you can fully rely upon Christ to absorb any glory from your success and for Him to compensate for any of your failures. And then, there is truly no fear.

Well, once again guys… I tried to write a post for the dudes, but it turns out that it was just for anyone. I guess that’s kind of what God means by not showing favoritism. A soul… is a soul. And for any guy out there wanting to covenant… it would be awesome to have your soul on the same journey!

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