Day 157: I’m Just Somebody That I Used To Know

But you didn’t have to cut me off
Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing

I don’t even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger

And that feels so rough

No, you didn’t have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records

And then change your number

Guess that I don’t need that though

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.

Okay, I’m going to admit it… I really. like. this. song.

I know, I know… what am I? A teenie bopper or something? (What is a teenie bopper anyway? Is that a real word?) But the song always instantly takes me back to sitting in my closet with my record player that looked like a Crayola box (yes, it was beyond totalllllllly rad) listening to my dad’s The Mamas and The Papas album. It just has a similar kind of sound to it or something. Mind you, I know very little about music (a bit ironic for the wife of the inventor of ChordDice, right?!!? Haha!) but I love to listen to it  so I have no idea if this song is “good” or not, but I do really like it.

And so tonight as I was about to start writing, this song came to my mind.

Because now I am just somebody that I used to know.


Well, my post was originally going to be about how I never really think of chocolate anymore… like, ever. And that’s just kind of… amazing to me considering how my thoughts were completely enveloped by chocolate before my covenant.

And so I started thinking about who I was on January 8th when I was having my cookie dough gorging… thinking about who that girl was sitting there looking up information about Overeaters Anonymous while her tears poured down into the huge mixing bowl of cookie dough that she had eaten all of over a span of three days. And, now, she’s just… somebody that I used to know.

Because now… I never think about chocolate. I only really think about sugar when I’m making my boys something that contains sugar which is pretty rare actually.

But I do think about Jesus a lot. Okay, and I think about breadsticks some. and ribeye steak… yeah, definitely ribeye steak. But a whole lot more thinking of Jesus than I was thinking of Him back then.

And honestly, when I look at how tight me and Jesus are now… well, I want that girl to be just somebody that I used to know. And I really don’t need her number because I don’t want to know her again. And I’m glad she took her records and treats me like a stranger. Cause I don’t need to know her anymore. Cause this is the me that I want to be. was meant to be.

I belong to Christ, and so I’ve become a new person. My old life is gone; my new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17

(Yeah, I changed that verse into first-person… you can see the whole list of verses that I have done this to on yesterday’s post)

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