Day 142: Got Almond?


I think that everyone has “those” foods that are areas of temptation, or weakness, or just plain old habit. Most people list things like sugar (cough, cough… chocolate) or salt. But a lot of people also have drinks as an issue… Route 44 Dr. Pepper is one I hear a lot, mocha frap from Starbucks, etc. For me… it’s milk. Good, fatty, whole milk. Back when I used to work out I would have a glass after a good run when most people would drink water. My best friend used to tease me about coming over and having a glad of milk and a handful of Hot Tamales candies. In fact, her mom kept them stocked with both for when I would come over… which was often.

So, when I made my covenant, I knew that milk would have to go as well. Even though I could have dairy… milk was just… well, almost a dessert to me. Certainly a treat, and definitely an avoidance to drinking water. (I know it’s weird, but water has never really been that “awesome” to me… maybe cause I was always drinking milk instead!)

Well, the other day I was in a bit of a daze as I was making my coffee (which is not entirely that odd seeing as how I am half-asleep when I make my coffee most mornings), and I poured whole milk into the mix instead of the almond milk that I have in my coffee every other morning. Once I realized it, I wasn’t going to pour out that precious milk (two young boys in the house… we go through a lot of milk) or the even more precious… coffee (two young boys in the house… need I say more?). So I drank the coffee with whole milk in it. No biggie.

It was actually kind of gross.

I mean… in comparison to my coffee with almond milk, which has like… flavor. It was kind of cool though how this life of sacrifice is actually better than my normal life. Again like I mentioned yesterday, I would have missed out on a lot of things, both spiritual and “earthly” if I had not done this covenant.

And honestly, I’m not sure of a scripture to put with this one (comment below if one comes to your mind). It just makes me think of how we just don’t see… the whole picture. And by that I mean, there I was for years thinking that whole milk was kind of the end all be all for drinking in coffee. But… it wasn’t. There was something better out there.

And I think that is what this covenant has shown me… there is so much about this world that I haven’t discovered, and might not ever discover… without God showing me. But it took me committing to Him, allowing Him to break down this wall inside of me… in order for me to see that the grass IS indeed greener on the other side if HE is the one that takes you there.

It just makes me want to covenant with Him about… everything! So that He can show me how lame my “whole milk life” is (that I thought was oh-so great)… and reveal to me how amazing an “almond milk” kind of life can be (which I don’t even know exists)!

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  1. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE almond milk. It’s the only kind of milk (other than “mama moolk”) he drinks. Other than the limiting of dairy, by not drinking cow’s milk you decrease mucus production and the inflammatory response in your body. So, you are really doing your body (as well as soul and mind) a favor by not drinking “regular” milk! Keep it up!

    • januaryrowe says

      Interrrrrresting!!! Never knew that about the mucus and inflamation! (My husband is the “what’s really in food” guy… I’m a little behind on that curve, so I just wait for him to tell me to avoid something!)

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    I thought of you just now…we were out and about and the hubs thinks that Dunkin Donuts would be a good, fast snacky breakfast. Maybe for him and the boy, but you can imagine my thoughts. He said, “Just get coffee.” So, I figured, sure…why not?! Mis.Take! Talk about blah! I, too, have come to enjoy almond milk over the last few months. However, over the last week I have only used that and minimal sweetener in my coffee at home. It was all I could do to stomach my “usual” from DD!

    • januaryrowe says

      Oooooooo! The changes!!! But there are not a lot of things worse than a “blah” cup of coffee… you should get an EXTRA cup at home WITH almond milk!!! haha! And I have another yummy recommendation that I got from my friend “Rhonda” that I’m going to post about but I’ll give you a sneak preview (you might already know about it though)… SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, Apricot Nectar… you drip like five drips into your iced tea (or an assortment of other things) and it makes it like this perfect balance of sweetened and flavorful without being overpowering! She gets it at Sprouts and they have other “flavors” also at Whole Foods!

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