Ya know, gaining “control” of your eating issues has a whole lot less to do with the particular foods you eat than we think. Don’t get me wrong, food choices for weight loss are important, but I’m talking about our eating issues.

Like we’ve talked about before that we eat for ALLLLLLLL the wrong reasons: bored, tired, angry, sad, hurt, sick, procrastinating, frustrated… the list goes on and on. But today I am reminded that there are choices beyond my food choices and beyond my non-hunger reasons to eat…

Today, we must choose between

HOPE and despair.

(Here’s a tip: you want to choose HOPE.)

I was gonna write a whole bunch more cutesy little opposite phrases like that but then I stopped because… really… those are your two choices.

Today you either choose despair… I can’t get over this. I am too far gone. I am so fat. I am so trapped. I am tired of trying. I just give up.

Or you choose HOPE… I am a new creation. I have Christ. I am not bound by the limitations of this world. I am a daughter/son of the King of the UNIVERSE! I can be happy. I am already complete. I can use God’s strength.

I’m not saying that you will automatically choose a salad over a burger at lunch today just cause you said a bunch of hopeful sentences, but let’s just begin today by infusing ourselves with hope… not despair… hope.


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    I really enjoy your posts and they always coe at the right time. I hope (no pun intended :0) that you are hopeful today and all the days ahead! God bless!

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    Thanks! I have tried to lose weight countless times over my life, but it has always been apart from my walk with God. In the past year, I started to recognize my idolatry of food, but I have felt powerless to overcome it. I was living in despair! But today, I am living in hope, because I now see that God wants to help me overcome this, he wants to journey with me through this. He does not expect me to overcome it in my own strength, as I once believed! I really look forward to reading more of your blog, thanks for sharing your journey!

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    Exactly this is a choice if you have eating issues but thats depend on you on how you handle it. Let it be your self I know theres a hope for everything. By the way, did you happen to incorporate Essential Oils on your weight loss program? Check out this blog and you can make a free consultation to Nurse Audrey who happens to have great recommendations on Weight Loss.

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