Day 307: Hunger Games

Yesterday I realized that I was hungry. Like, really… really hungry.

And nothin we had was cuttin it.

I ate like 10 clementines and 3 bananas and a big ol salad and some oatmeal with raisins and several scoops of peanut butter… and then things got messy.

“A few chips won’t hurt anything.”

Phrases like that are dangerous. Danger. Danger. Danger.

Cause a few chips almost always turns into a lotta chips. Which turns into a tortilla. Which turns into four tortillas. Which turns into a bowl of cereal.

And stillI went to bed with a little bit of hunger.

Hellllllo January. God designed your body to communicate with you through hunger. We have discussed this before! Why do you play games with your hunger like this? It never ends well!

Yeah, yeah, well…

I have to plan. I know I need to plan. I even came across a blog post yesterday and there were some tips to remember and, well, whadda know… planning meals was on there.

Cause all weekend I ate, like, fruit and snack-like meals. And, even if my husband is out of town at a trade show, I still need to cook. Cause I’m gonna need “real” food. So I need to plan again and grocery shop. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners. All of them need a plan.

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