Track Switch



Sometimes I wish you had put a switch in me. Like, a light switch or something. Or a reset button. A restart option. A breaker. Or one of those things they use on the railroad track- I actually think it’s called a switch, too- where it sifts the track to go in a new direction. Yeah. That kind of switch is what I need.

I knew all that Thomas the Train knowledge would come in handy someday!

That’s the switch I need because then YOU control it. As the “train driver”, I have no control over going straight or switching to the right or the left. The switch-man (YOU) decides the direction and the train has no choice but to follow.

Cause this morning I just want You to be able to just flip that track’s switch and send me down a different path.

But ya see, then I am reminded that the whole no-choice thing is not how You roll here. You want me to be free. You want me to have the choice to choose the path that will be a blessing to the most people. You don’t want me to feel oppressed and optionless. You want me to OWN my choices because life is so much more abundant when I get to take part in it.

But, God, it’s. so. flipping. difficult. sometimes.

It’s as if my mind is already on a switch but it’s not YOUR switch or even MINE! And when I try to guide my life down a better track, my mind (like, subconsciously) switches me BACK to my old self.

And well dang it. Even as I wrote that I know Your response. I need to train my mind and my body overtime to automatically switch back to what is “true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.” {Phil 4:8}

And I know that takes two things: practice and meditating on Your Word. It will take a concerted effort to retrain and renew my mind. And over time, hopefully, I will see that instead of my mind-switch defaulting to those things that I do NOT want to do… it will slowly begin to default to who You and I both want me to be… who we both know I can be.


photo credit: Choices via photopin (license)