The Joyful Side

Some days, I start out the day happy, excited, ready.

Annnnnnnnd then there are some days when I start out the day cranky, fearful, negative.

This morning… I was sorta in between. I could feel my soul trying to decide which “side of the bed” to get up on.

Happy- I’m gonna get to see some of my favorite people today as I go to my first meeting for my new teaching job.

Sad- Look at how huge my guy has gotten. They won’t even want me on their team!!!

Then I dutifully read my Jesus Calling (because I’ve trained myself well enough at this point to fight negativity with Jesus):

Hold My hand, and walk joyously with Me through this day.

Negative Nancy Me: Why? What is there to be joyful about? What about my life should I be joyful about?

Happy Hannah Me: Well, you can walk with joy because… hope. God has a hope for you and a future.

And then I pictured myself walking, hand in hand with God (who, yes, looks like Abraham Lincoln to me) down a beach (because… helllllllo, the beach is the best place on earth to walk hand in hand with anyone, especially GOD! Ha!) and we were walking toward my hope. my future.

You know, the hope he has for ME.

The future he has for ME.

I dunno, at that point… visualizing that, and remembering that He DOES have a plan… a plan that often I don’t understand until wayyyyyyy later… well, my soul decided to go ahead and get up on the right side of the bed.

The joyful side.

God, may we all look to you today. Hold your hand today. Walk with you today as you guide us toward a hope for us and a future. Amen.